VDW Removals started in 1978 and in the year 2000

further expanded and taken over by Patrick V an D e W eerd.

With the aim of being a transparent and approachable moving company with old-fashioned service and direct contact with customers.

Providing quality and high-quality service is the common thread here.

VDW is not a price fighter or budget mover, but by combining well and planning efficiently, we can still offer our customers a very competitive price while maintaining the necessary relocation quality.

Because much is inclusive and standard, the customer never pays too much and receives a balanced total package of materials and services.

The use of fixed internal procedures makes it a smoothly running whole and independently thinking and working movers.

We owe a lot of new work to recommendations by family and acquaintances of former clients and returning customers and we are proud of that.

If you would like a tailor-made quotation, please fill in the online quotation form or make an appointment for a quotation at home with our relocation advisor.


Patrick van de Weerd

Until the move!