Packing advice

If you are going to move soon with VDW Verhuizingen, good preparation and starting on time is essential for a smooth move.

Of course, these tips apply to relocations where you as a customer pack yourself. VDW assists you with tips and advice throughout the entire process and provides sufficient packaging materials, all of which is included.

What do you receive in advance from VDW? (2 weeks to 1 month before the moving date).

You pack everything that fits in boxes or meter boxes, VDW will do the rest!

Provided in advance:

Book boxes:

Fill it 75% with heavy things such as: books, records, CDs, weights (divided), supplemented with light material such as a cushion from the sofa, a cloth or clothing.

Folding boxes :

Fill this with lying clothes, lighter items and things that have to go to the floor or attic.

Hard plastic stackable 1 meter bins :

Fill it with the contents of the kitchen, living room and all other things that do not fit in the regular moving box. Also ideal for crockery and other delicate items and small house plants. Umbrellas, hockey sticks, wrapping paper, etc. can also be packed well in these bins.

Wrapping paper and bubble wrap:

This allows you to pack the most vulnerable items such as crockery, vases, art, etc., nothing should rattle in the box or meter container.

Movers Tape and Seal Foil:

For bundling and packing loose boards, furniture, etc.

Move stickers:

Sticker the boxes (on top!) And individual items:

make sure there is always 1 number on the box!


Cloakroom boxes:

For your neat hanging clothes, 1 meter per box, can be hung on the day itself.

Painting boxes:

Paintings, mirrors, glass plates, screens, small flat screen TV, etc.

Moving blankets, tape and seal film:

With this we package the large, vulnerable furniture.

Sofa covers, mattress covers:

The large, fragile furniture is packed by VDW (standard procedure).

By using the packaging materials in the right way, you prevent boxes that are too heavy or boxes with the bottom breaking. for example from the hardware store, please use them only for clothing and our sturdy boxes and bins for other things as described above.

I npaksysteem numbers

You pack based on the situation in the new home!

Give each separate room in the new home a separate number from low to high!

So: -1 = basement 0 = shed / storage room 1 = living room, 2 = kitchen, 3 = bedroom 1 4 = bedroom 2 5 = guest room 6 = study 7 = attic 8 = loft etc.

The above is of course an example and depends on your new home and the number of rooms.

You put the numbers of the rooms in a map and stick them on the doorposts of the room in question.

All boxes are stickered on top with the relevant number and that also applies to the individual items.


We place large furniture in the right place in the relevant room according to your instructions.

In this way, all furniture and boxes are immediately placed in the right place without sliding and unnecessary extra movement.


  • * Do not move opened or opened packaging (kitchen).
  • * Deep fryer, water tank, coffee machine, kettle, etc. are of course empty.
  • * Bed linen, pillows in large plastic bags are also easy to move. (light blue bags from the supermarket)
  • * Keep your hand luggage separate (bathroom), (car keys, passport, documents, etc.).
  • * Indicate well in advance what does NOT need to be moved, for example, create a separate corner or put these things in the bathroom (do not move).
  • * Please tidy up your belongings before the move and take a critical look at your household effects, it is a shame to have to move things for nothing.
  • * Think in advance whether something will fit in the new home, this will prevent disappointments, as a moving company we do everything we can to get the things to the place you want, but sometimes it is technically impossible in practice. For example, because something cannot be disassembled or the staircase or the window is not big enough.
  • * Arrange in advance plaster runner / walk-in cardboard for the new home in case of a vulnerable floor or bad weather. (we do have a walk-in mat)
  • * Arrange furniture felts in advance, these often come loose during the move.
  • * Provide a parking space in front of the door unless it has already been arranged with permits.
  • * Stick the moving stickers on top of the moving box so that 1 number is always visible.
  • * If you still have the original packaging of the TV or electronic equipment, that is always good.
  • * Washing machine: always place the transport pins in advance at the back of the washing machine or put them ready for the mover, by the drain program you can remove the remaining water from the device.
  • * At the end of loading, you walk around the house with the foreman to make sure everything is as desired and has been taken, the so-called final check.
    * Finally, do not forget to give the bicycles to the movers.